sugar. the gateway to so much deliciousness. though treats are immensely enjoyable in the moment, the longitudinal effect of sugar is far from pleasurable.

due to its high glycemic index, sugar spikes blood sugar and causes insulin resilience - the opposite of what you want, and leads to diseases like diabetes [1].

furthermore, many sugar companies use bone char, also known as 'natural carbon', in the decolorizing process. it can be extremely difficult to verify where companies that manufacture finished goods source all their produce, and therefore extremely difficult to ensure that the sugar we are consuming is truly 100% animal-free [2].

we decided to combat both these issues by vowing to never use any sugar in our creations. instead, we use an extract from a fruit used for over 1000 years, monk fruit (luo han guo), named after the monks that grew the plants long ago.

monk fruit extract is 300 times sweeter than sugar, a quality that is attributed to a collection of compounds called mogrosides. not only are these compounds sweet, but they are also antioxidants [3].

additionally, monk fruit has a glycemic index of 0, meaning it has no effect on blood sugar or insulin [4]. this means there's no crash after consumption - just a great taste and a clean feeling.

finally, being a fruit, monk fruit is natural and animal-free.

we couldn't be happier to be pushing the envelope of what can be achieved with a little thought behind our creations which ultimately benefit our planet and our community.

with intention, 水.










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